First image of new Point in CMK. What do you think?

The (Brief) exhibition of fresh plans for the Point opened today in CMK. MK News have the first images online. What do you think? One of questions on feedback form is about the new public space. What public space? In fact, the building would step forward and take out open space. Xplain’s idea is to add a roofgarden for live music and a bistro. Fab views of MK and beyond from 20m high – but so far very much missing from CMK. That would help make this a destination worth going to, wouldn’t it?

an explosion in a triangle factory or a piece of fun post-modernism?

2 thoughts on “First image of new Point in CMK. What do you think?

  1. liz green

    I think the new design for the Point is really nice. Also although a roof garden sounds very appealing flat roofs are notorious for leaking, and the extremely changeable weather in England would probably not recoup the outlay, How many times have you sat outside in the evening the past 2-3 years?


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