last day to post your ‘Point’ of view on CMK’s next destination shopping venue

The Point re-development survey closes today, 27 June, so if you haven’t made your point yet please do!

Hammerson, the developer, says they are listening so let’s see if we can get something really special for this site which puts something back into the community, as well as being an attractive new retail & dining venue.

Whether you like the look of the new building or not, Xplain would just encourage everyone to ask what it actually adds to the quality of our city centre apart from a box full of shops?

Where, for example, are the interesting new public spaces? How about an attractive new courtyard, area of landscaping or rooftop garden or terrace, offering rare views over MK and beyond? Why are they not taking this chance to demolish the dreary multistorey car park they own facing Avebury Boulevard, at the bottom of their site? With a bit more investment and imagination this major developer could easily bring parking inside the new Point and bring more interest and activity to that side of town.

The Point occupies such an important site and has such a great history as MK’s first leisure destination, and a beacon of the future. Surely, as Britain’s fastest growing city, Milton Keynes deserves more than a twinkly box whose appeal could very soon fade?

You can either email your views direct to Hammerson’s PR co, who are handling the survey, via

Original landmark

Original landmark

Or use their online survey via

2 thoughts on “last day to post your ‘Point’ of view on CMK’s next destination shopping venue

  1. JohnnyMK

    I think you are being a little disingenuous to these plans. Aside from the tacky red lights (which I have asked the developer to remove from the plans), this building, which is covered in lots of reflective glass, is a perfect match to the existing CMK shopping centre. You are right about the courtyard space, and I have also asked the developer to open-up the side of the building facing CMK shopping centre for use as a meeting centre / social hub around which a selection of restaurants and coffee shops could be based.

    1. xplain Post author

      Agreed, the lights are tacky and I’d be happy to see them go. However I don’t understand your comment about being disingenuous. For accuracy, the building would be covered in steel – not reflective glass. Why would you say a piece of post-modernist window dressing is a perfect match for the shopping building? THe latter is a completely transparent piece of Modernist architecture, where the structure IS the architecture and celebrated in a wonderful harmony of steel, glass and marble, creating an exceptional series of light-filled spaces that constantly connect with the outside world. Unfortunately I don’t see anything of this nature at all in the current Point proposals.


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