The Point – heritage for sale in Milton Keynes!

Hammerson, the tottering retail giant, has put one of the most popular buildings in Milton Keynes’ history up for sale.

The Point

Britain’s first purpose-built multiplex cinema (c) Mark Coster

‘The Point’ won a place in people’s hearts in the 1980’s as the very first leisure destination for the fast-growing new town. Not only was it somewhere to meet, eat, dance and watch films, it was also a beacon of the future and a sign of coming home. The Point’s famous red ‘pyramid’ of light could be seen for miles around!

But times change, and after various recent attempts to redevelop the five-acre site (including a lapsed planning permission for the new ‘piano’ building), the owners have now put it up for sale. The brochure describes it as a “brownfield redevelopment opportunity” with the potential to build around 450 flats.

The Point residential study sales brochure Capture
sketch from Savills’ sales brochure

However, while Central Milton Keynes has lots to offer, something it still lacks is a good-size venue for live music.

Fans of The Point would no doubt be delighted if the original building could be rescued as the heart-beat of an imaginative scheme, which included new homes. If only an organisation such as The Stables, champions of live music, could be tempted to open a new venue in this much-loved building! Surely, something like this would be a popular move, and would help the Council achieve its ambitious plans for a renaissance of Central Milton Keynes?

published 08/07/2021

4 thoughts on “The Point – heritage for sale in Milton Keynes!

  1. Sandy

    The Point is a very much needed building its part of Milton Keynes heritage and should be kept as such

  2. Paul dunkley

    I’ve been coming to the point since the late 80 ,s , for the cinema, shopping , the bar at the entrance..
    The point was a talking point of Milton Keynes as I lived in I live on mk it’s still a part of what I talk about and the history of my older youth years , the point IS mk. With out the point there would have been a massive struggle to get the people to mk back in the 80 , it pulled people in and made it what it is today. It needs a bright spark to develope the POINT and keep it the way it is and boild it as part of the exiting shopping area. Or simply keep it as part of a museum piece and what MK was back when it needed people to make this town.

  3. Paul Griffiths

    The Stables relocating to CMK was part of the proposal for the Vanson Developments (Richard Branson) mix used scheme that never happened on the site now occupied by Midsummer Place.


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