more heart & soul for CMK?

Here’s some potentially very good news for everyone who loves MK for its superb access and qualities of light and space (captured in the photo, hopefully) but who might like a bit more heart and soul!

The CMK Alliance has launched its new roadmap for developing CMK (including Campbell Park) for the next 15 years.  A lot of residents attended the workshops during its preparation so you might recognise some of your own wishes reflected in the plans.

Highlights include

  • retaining the city’s unique infrastructure
  • space for a new Market Hall & community places near Secklow Gate (in addition to existing market)
  • building lines to go back to their ‘classic’ position, keeping space for our trees, footpaths, cycle routes etc to flourish.
  • new civic square near the Point

More info in the latest article in the Citizen:

Please check out the alliance website where you can read the plan a chapter at a time, or download the whole thing & make comments.

It’s a meaty document but mostly written in plain English so don’t be put off!

This is Localism in action, and the more feedback we the public can give at this stage in the consultation the better.

Athough businesses are generally supportive, certain developers who want to build on Secklow Gate Bridge, Market Square etc are likely to be unhappy with aspects of the plan. For example, the very first policy states that the city’s infrastructure including boulevards, gates etc “will be retained.” That’s the default position. And although there’s a flexible get-out clause for truly exceptional developments, some developers may well wish to water this down so it’s easier for short-sighted, selfish developments to get through.

All for now


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