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Market Traders stand up for their rights! Public deputation 9 Jan CMK

Since the Portas Review, towns across Britain have been looking again at their markets, realising that they bring vitality, character and choice to the High Street.

Yet surprisingly MK Market, a truly multi-cultural social hub, is threatened with redevelopment plans.

The powerful pension funds who own the listed shopping centre in the heart of Central Milton Keynes are determined to expand their footprint – right over Market Square – to build a new chain store for tenant Primark.

In the process, they would sweep away a vital link in the city’s famous grid road network, breathtaking architecture (pictured in our banner above) and what English Heritage recently called “the ideal site” for the market, created by the original architects of MK.

Although a new site has been found nearby, it is much smaller and full of problems. Both local traders, as well as the National Market Traders Federation, are warning that MK Market “could wither and die” if the plans go ahead.

Please come along and find out more on Weds, 9 Jan, when traders lead a public deputation to MK Council.This is the first time traders will have had their say as, surprisingly, they have not been specifically consulted on the plans.

Public gathering from 6.30 pm at MK Council Offices, Silbury Boulevard (next to Natwest Bank), CMK.

Or if arriving later, please go upstairs to the public gallery, main council chamber, for the formal Council meeting, which begins at 7.30 pm.


English Heritage defend Milton Keynes from Primark plans


In a major setback for the centre:mk’s controversial development plans, English Heritage has dismantled their case for making fundamental changes to the design of Central Milton Keynes in order to build a new Primark.

The national heritage watchdog is recommending that MK Council refuse planning permission in order to prevent “irreversible and substantial harm” to the outstanding grade ll listed Shopping Building, and its setting in the city’s famous grid road system.* Altogether, the original, unspoilt design “tells a fascinating story about the idealism and ambition of the 1970s”.

Secklow Gate flies through the listed building in CMK above the popular market

Secklow Gate flies through the listed building in CMK above the popular market

This substantial report will be welcome news to four parish councils, local heritage groups and over a thousand individuals who have objected to the plans.  Many locals appreciate Milton Keynes’ unrivalled grid road system, fine collection of Modernist architecture, and colourful outdoor market but will be reassured that growing numbers of national experts value it too.

After describing the “architecturally breathtaking” shopping building as the centrepiece of “the last and most ambitious” of Britain’s post-war new towns, English Heritage praises the dramatic vistas at Secklow Gate, the relationship of the building to the entire urban grid plan of MK, and the creation of Market Square as “the ideal location” for the market – most important for those first arrivals from London’s East End!

All of these attractive features would be lost if the current scheme goes ahead.

MK Council has now postponed the Development Control Committee meeting from January 22 to some time in February. Meanwhile, the centre:mk has had to submit new drawings, due to safety and access problems with their plans.

"Breathtaking" architecture, including the listed Circle of Light sculpture by NASA artist Liliane Lijn

“Breathtaking” architecture, including the listed Circle of Light sculpture by NASA artist Liliane Lijn

It will be hard, but not impossible, for MK Council to ignore English Heritage’s advice, and grant planning permission. However evidence of serious damage to MK’s past history, present advantages and future opportunities for better development continues to mount and there is a groundswell of public opinion in favour of rejecting alien development and protecting the original features of MK to underpin future growth.

If you want to object to the plans it’s easy. Just click on the tab  ‘How to object to demolition of Secklow Gate’ for info.

* “The proposals would clearly amount to substantial harm to the significance of a grade 11 listed building.  The applicant has not clearly or convincingly demonstrated that the harm entailed is necessary to achieve the public benefits of ensuring the long term competitiveness of Milton Keynes Centre as a retail destination, or of opening up the land to the south of the shopping building for redevelopment as a civic space.  We would therefore recommend that the application is refused.” Pg 9, English Heritage report, 19 Dec 2012

pop-up public rally 12/12/12 in CMK

we won the first Battle of Secklow Gate - let's do it again!

we won the first Battle of Secklow Gate – let’s do it again!

Please speak up for your city centre and join our peaceful Xplain rally on Weds, 12 Dec, at 10.30, outside Civic Offices in CMK (near Natwest Bank, Silbury Boulevard)

Since the date is 12.12.12, we’re delivering our 1212th objection letter to MK Council in order to save Secklow Gate, Market Square and our superb listed building from the destructive plans of the centre mk.

It’s also the day Primark open at the new shopping park at MK stadium.

Who was it said “democracy is not a spectator sport”? Please come along and join in.

The message is that MK Council must listen to the voice of reason and to the people.

We will not stand for them selling off our public highways, putting the market and transport systems at risk, just to boost the short-term profits of private retail groups.

Please let me know if you can make it, and spread the word among true friends of Milton Keynes.

Prudential & Primark risk image in MK

Controversial plans to build a huge new Primark over public highways, a listed building and Market Square in Central Milton Keynes are doing nothing to improve the image of the Prudential pension fund, or Primark, who back the scheme. But this weekend the bosses of the shopping centre are repeating a risky step, which involves swamping an official public consultation with questionable submissions.

Secklow Gate flies through the listed building in CMK above the popular market

Secklow Gate flies through the Grade 11 listed shopping building in CMK above the popular market

The bosses of centre:mk, which runs the shopping centre, have already sent in  3, 000 postcards to MK Council, claiming they are “in full support” of their planning applications. And they’ve got staff out in force again this weekend armed with thousands more cards.

Lobbying is one thing but this is different.

Eye-witnesses say they are deliberately targeting young shoppers with little or no attempt to give them the facts.  But saying yes to Primark is not the same as saying yes to building on this particular site and damaging access, amenities and important Modernist architecture.

As one witness put it:

“I might, for example, sign up to a canvasser asking if I’d like a Premier league rugby club here.  But it doesn’t mean I’ve automatically voted for them tearing up Campbell Park to build the stadium!”

In contrast, Xplain volunteers have spent many hours talking to people of all ages and offering standard letters of objection. The letters offer rational, factual information for people to sign up to.

So far, we’ve delivered over 1,000 to MK Council and we’re confident this is the genuine voice of the people.

Crucially, wealthy businesses spend years lobbying for their developments, whereas we, the public, only have a few weeks to have our say. I wonder if Primark and the Prudential are proud of the centre mk’s behaviour? Do they even know about the risk to their reputation?

MK Market - a social hub under threat from Primark development

MK Market – a social hub under threat from Primark development

To learn more visit MK Council’s website in the planning section and search for Secklow Gate. The huge list of documents also shows public responses so far.

If you want to object or comment on the plans you can register on the planning site or simply email the senior planning officer via

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