Petition – Save our Grid Roads!

If you want to save Milton Keynes’ grid roads for the benefit of present and future generations please click on the following link and share with friends.  Save Our Grid Roads petition

Grid Road news, Spring 2019

Marlborough Gate

A classic MK grid road with leafy landscape and no pedestrian crossings!

April 2nd, H5 Portway: despite objections MKC looks likely to approve official guidelines for a huge new housing development in Campbell Park which encourages developers to build pedestrian crossings over busy links in the H5 Portway grid road network. Xplain has warned that every time a pedestrian sets foot on one of these new crossings traffic will have to stop and tailbacks are likely onto the congested roundabouts on H5 Portway. However MKC says these are essential to deliver their ‘vision’ of 1500 new homes overlooking Campbell Park. We say that MKC should forget ‘visions’ and get real! It might be cheaper for developers to build unsafe crossings and toxic ‘City Streets’ rather than decent, MK-style development, but the Council owns all this land on the public’s behalf, and should set higher standards.

Update: after finally listening to the voice of reason MKC has agreed that it’s Development Brief will NOT now encourage house-builders to install pedestrian controlled traffic lights on vital links in the central grid road system (Overgate and Skeldon Gate). Not only will this help protect mature avenues of trees it will also protect pedestrians and cyclists who will be perfectly safe using the original underpasses just a few yards away!


Overgate, Campbell Park, a vital link in MK’s grid road system

April 4th, H2 Millers Way: Aldi wants to build a new supermarket with a Toucan pedestrian crossing over the H2. Incredibly, MKC Highways department has not objected on safety grounds! Let’s hope Councillors on the Development Control Committee understand the importance of separating pedestrians from traffic and decide to reject the application on 4th April.

Update – Aldi’s application was refused because it would draw business away from Wolverton town centre. Although one member of the planning committee also objected on safety grounds, due to poor access for HGVs, there was no wider debate on the issue of encouraging pedestrians to cross grid roads! 

And prior to that – on March 7th MKC approved another Toucan pedestrian crossing between the massive Eastern Expansion Area and the rest of MK. The V4 Watling Street pedestrian crossing will now be joined by another over H4 Dansteed Way, putting pedestrians and cyclists at risk and halting buses and cars. The excuse is that ‘alternative solutions’ to underpasses were agreed years ago and the Council doesn’t have enough money to build underpasses today. We say, that was then – this is now! How about bridges as a second best? Or a cross-party solution to this fiasco? And how about spending some of your huge reserves to keep people safe?


6 thoughts on “Petition – Save our Grid Roads!

  1. Barny Daley

    Great news – cars and lorries in Milton Keynes are clean and emit no carbon whilst they stop at pedestrian crossings or when the accelerate away after stopping.

    According to the report given to Councillor Gowans on 7th March, the effects of the H4 Toucan crossing will be entirely positive. Installing the crossing will “reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality. I don’t know who is more stupid, Rebecca Trouse for writing it or Gowans for believing what any primary school child could tell you is rubbish.

    Of course it would be unreasonable to suggest that the “report” is biased in favour of the cheapest option. I’m sure it was a simple lapse that managed to include the walking and cycling policy but entirely omitted the policy to “maintain and upgrade” the grid roads.

  2. David Essame

    Few grid roads can be extended thanks to deliberate blocking or downgrading, and this will severely hinder future expansion areas of MK, channelling all connecting traffic into a limited number of roads, causing unnecessary congestion.
    We are suffering from ad hoc planning by developers who have no regard for the future of MK – merely to make massive profits at our expense – and our council supports this!!

  3. Chris Hevey

    Totally agree that the grid roads must be preserved. It’s a brilliant system that makes MK what it is.

    I don’t see what the Hub has got to with it though. Before I saw the petition (which I signed), it had never occurred to me there was anything wrong with it. I go there often and I like it. It’s not that different to CBX up the road that must have been there for 20-30 years? The hub isn’t on the grid either – why tie it up with a petition about the grid?

    Spotted a typo (I hope) : Watling Street is the v4

    1. xplain Post author

      Chris – next time you go to the Hub check out the way it was built over the original infrastructure as part of a deliberate policy to break up the original grid roads of CMK. The building line ‘steps forward’ from the classical building line meaning that a series of side streets, paths and lines of boulevard trees were lost. The underpasses were also filled in – at great cost – which is why you have to wait to cross at a traditional traffic light crossing. Without the side streets there is almost nowhere for taxis to drop off passengers, or delivery vehicles, fire trucks etc to get closer to the buildings. Traffic accidents have risen as a result of cars etc stopping on the boulevard and MKC actually published a long list of similar problems caused by this policy called ‘Lessons Learned’. Thanks for spotting the typo!


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