Save Our Grid Roads!

Before and After - Countess Way (with text)

MK Council is steadily dismantling our famous grid road system.

Milton Keynes’ grid roads are clearly one our most important assets and vital to our success. The grid system consists of fast, safe roads separated from housing and commercial areas by beautiful landscaping with underpasses and bridges for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the roads in safety.

But over the past 10 years MK Council has made a series of disastrous decisions to replace our innovative grid roads with old-fashioned ‘city streets’. These have slower speed limits, traditional pedestrian crossings, and housing built right up to the roads, making for bleak, treeless landscapes.  These ‘city streets’ in the Eastern and Western Expansion Areas and around the Hub in CMK now suffer from the same problems as traditional towns –  parking,  congestion, and delayed

public transport.  (See ‘before’ and ‘after’ images from Broughton in the Eastern Expansion Area.)

Despite MK Council saying it has “learned lessons” it still on the same destructive path.  In a recent consultation 98.5% of MK citizens who responded objected to building more pedestrian crossings and voted for underpasses to be built between the Western Expansion Area and the rest of MK. Yet MK Council leaders have ignored public opinion. They have decided to keep millions in the bank gained from new housing development and build cheaper pedestrian crossings over busy grid roads (H4 Dansteed Way and V4 Watling Street) and to reduce the speed limit to 40 mph. Result? Danger, delays and traffic jams.

If you want to keep our classic grid road network quick, safe and green, please send an urgent message to all three political leaders in MK.


Please tell MK Council you want to save our grid road system by emailing the leaders of the three parties who collectively run MK Council:

(Labour leader of the council)
(Lib Dem leader in an alliance with Labour)

(Conservative opposition leader)

No more City Streets!

●       No more dangerous pedestrian ‘Toucan’ crossings

●       No more housing built next to busy roads

●       No more concrete jungles

Below: “City street” Countess Way (top) was once part of the Chaffron Way grid road (below) before MK Council dismantled it. Is this the future we want for MK?


7 thoughts on “Save Our Grid Roads!

  1. Andrea Campbell

    Are you able to set up a petition to save our grid roads etc so we can share this and promote our friends to sign this. I’m sure if we could get this going it would help? Thanks for your efforts

    1. xplain Post author

      Hi Andrea the petition’s now up on our website so if you haven’t already seen it and shared with friends please do! Many thanks, Linda

  2. Sue Mitchell

    Wasn’t it shown some years ago that the grid system reduces the amount of pollution residents are exposed to, as well as the numbers of RTC s?

    1. xplain Post author

      Hi Sue, I’m sure it was although don’t know of any specific report. However it’s well known that free-flowing traffic reduces air pollution and that trees absorb harmful emissions so the original designers of MK knew what they were about. Please check out our new petition and share with friends. Thanks! Linda

  3. Sandy Hobbs

    I have already made my thoughts clear before about the point cinema and the takeing down of 40 years old trees on our roundabouts. The council are making Milton Keynes into a commercial city, not for people to live in . It’s all about MONEY and who can make the most.


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