Concrete works risk polluting Willen Lake, Milton Keynes?

They might win friends by sponsoring local football clubs but the company planning to build a concrete works near Willen Lake has a murky record on pollution.

Mick George

Mick George with one of his trucks

In 2015 Mick George Ltd was fined £20k and ordered to pay £10k in costs after the itv newsCaptureEnvironment Agency prosecuted it for illegally discharging polluted water into two pristine brooks from its quarry in Peterborough. Although it denied responsibility the prosecutor insisted that the company knew what it was doing and “Its actions were clearly negligent”.

Pollution and the threat to wildlife is just one issue for people objecting to the scheme, in a beautiful part of Milton Keynes. Residents of Willen Village and Willen Hospice, just over the water from the site, are worried about noise from the works which will take deliveries 7 days a week and sort rocks for recycling.

Peace Pagoda Willen Lake (c) Parks Trust

Peace Pagoda Willen Lake (c) Parks Trust

Dr Chris Herman, one of the founders of Willen Hospice, says “The Hospice is a very special place providing palliative and end of life care for the population of Milton Keynes. The site was chosen nearly 40 years ago because of its quiet location and wonderful views overlooking Willen Lake. This development could have a dramatic effect on the work we do in terms of noise, views and pollution.”

Despite a last-minute bid to List the nearby sewage works , and conservation officers describing the new development as “a particularly unattractive building of no architectural quality or merit of any kind”, the planning department is still recommending approval.

MK Council’s planning committee meets on 22 March 2016 to decide this controversial application.

If you want to object or sign the petition see


4 thoughts on “Concrete works risk polluting Willen Lake, Milton Keynes?

  1. Tricia Robinson

    Well done for standing up to what is pure greed and laziness on the part of planners and developers.

    1. xplain Post author

      So true. Yet the planning dept reckons a (quiet) sewage works and (noisy) concrete plant accords with the ‘bad neighbour’ rule!


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