The concrete curse returns to Willen Lake, Milton Keynes

25 Feb 2016 …It might be within earshot of a hospice, Peace Pagoda and Milton Keynes’ best known beauty spot but plans to build a concrete plant near Willen Lake are set for approval on 3 March.

Willen Lake by Eneka Stewart Photography

Willen Lake by Eneka Stewart Photography








site highlighted red

red marks site, blue is Willen Hospice

Last year MK Council officers refused similar plans due to noise but the developer has dropped the noisiest element – a concrete crusher – and now officers are recommending approval. And yet – this plant, 200m from homes, would operate 12 hours a day, Mon-Fri, and 7am – 1 pm on Sats. It will be open for deliveries from 6 am, seven days a week, and generate 240 truck movements a day. HGV’s will handle hundreds of tons of aggregate, soil and even granite for recycling and processing into “wet batched concrete on site through mixing aggregate with cement, water and admixtures.”

A possible customer of the plant would be MK Council as most of the waste materials are generated in MK. Recycling may be great but with so much at stake lots of people across MK are saying this is completely the wrong location. So far 2,500 people have signed the petition to stop the plant

Issues include:

  • Noise disturbance, seven days a week, including Bank Holidays. The planning department finds this acceptable but try telling that to residents of Willen Hospice, visitors to Willen Lake and birds nesting nearby. Campbell Park Parish Council strongly objects and says the applicant’s noise calculations are simply wrong.
  • This huge, ugly shed will be visible through gaps in the landscape and to people travelling across MK on the grid roads. MK has a proud history of producing well-designed industrial buildings but there is nothing to be proud of here.

    from application - grid road view

    from application – grid road view of proposalendangered water voles live on siteUK’s most endangered species – water voles – live on site

  • Landscaping: the Council’s Senior Landscape Architect has called for planting of oak trees to screen the building. But the applicant is offering the cut-price ‘solution’ of “softening” the huge building by growing creepers up it instead!
  • Wildlife: rare birds and even highly endangered water voles live on this site. Does anyone really believe these sensitive creatures will survive if moved to new habitats which are supposed to be built in their place?
    Please contact your ward councillors to tell them what you think! You can also view and comment on the application on MK Council’s planning portal ref 15/02731/MIN. Send an email to the case officer, or sign the petition to stop-the-concrete-plant
    The planning committee meets at 7 pm, 3 Mar 2016 in what promises to be a fiery debate.

3 thoughts on “The concrete curse returns to Willen Lake, Milton Keynes

  1. Helen Davies

    Why isn’t this being located towards to north west or south-east of Milton Keynes. This would be ideally placed near the new materials recycling facility at the Old Wolverton Railway Works. There are many other brown field sites that can be used other than this. Council Officers again do not understand Milton Keynes perhaps it due to the fact that they don’t live here!

  2. K. Bell

    This propoal is so ridiculous it has lowered my opinion of the already floundering MK council even lower. I would certainly take the council to court (in fact the European court has dealt with several cases of a similar nature) where individual councilors offering support for such a blatantly damaging proposal can be sued individually for transgression of public duty. It is pointless to list the folly in the proposal as it is so obvious to even the modestly educated!

  3. Alan Preen

    It’s repugnant to consider siting a concrete factory anywhere near beautiful parkland settings let alone our gateway park – Willen.
    Not just content with allowing the obliteration of our open boulevards and tree lined grid system OUR so called representatives, Milton Keynes Council, are at risk of allowing this abomination. When will they get a spine and fight the ruination of our much loved `City’?


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