Neglected Modernist masterpiece Listed in Milton Keynes

Central Bus Station, CMK in 1982

Central Bus Station, CMK in 1982. A homage to Modernist master, Mies van der Rohe.

English Heritage has Listed the original Central Bus Station in Milton Keynes, designed by project architect Derek Yeadon in 1982, in the days of the Milton Keynes Development Corporation. Only a tiny fraction of post-war buildings are Listed in Britain, and many are under threat, so this welcome recognition of the building’s outstanding architectural quality as well as its context; the innovative new town of Milton Keynes.

Despite years of neglect, the vast floating canopy and spare beauty of the building shines through. See our post and photos Romance of the Open Road.

1 thought on “Neglected Modernist masterpiece Listed in Milton Keynes

  1. Xavier

    I’m not certain that the listing of this building is good news. Let’s look at a few points:

    1. Yes, it is very much in the style of van der Rohe, but so is the Food Centre and porte cochere’s dotted along the boulevards (to give two other examples of Rohe in MK). But that does not explain why we must retain this building. It is under-used, under-invested, untidy, run-down and a magnet for trouble. Maybe, Linda, you could explain why we should keep this building (and who is going to pay for it)?

    2. The council clearly gave-up on this building when they moved the bus terminus across the road to the square outside the railway station. This was pure folly: The council had an opportunity to refresh the Bus Station, yet chose not to. Instead we have a railway station in almost constant bottle-neck as buses, coaches, taxi’s and cars suck the life out of, what once was, a peaceful open-air public space. I say, let’s return the buses to the Bus Station and free-up the clutter that has been created outside the railway station.

    3. I think there is something retro-modern, romantic, halcyon and pride-incuding about the old Bus Station. But, in it’s current form it serves none of these adjectives well. How do we pump new life back into it Linda?



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