March, 2014. MK Council has tonight voted in favour of an outline planning application to demolish The Point. The familiar ziggurat pyramid (and the cinema block behind it) will eventually be replaced with a considerably larger development for retail and leisure.

After a long debate, which hinged on the difficulty of making an informed decision based on the bare bones of the outline application, Councillors voted 7 to 3 in favour of approval.

Planning Officers said they too would have preferred a full planning application. However they assured the committee that the Council would still retain some ‘qualtiy control’ via a new Design Code (which the applicant will produce). In addition, all the important issues such as access, appearance and the final design of the development will return to the planning committee via the ‘reserved matters’ route in due course.

Hammerson, a FTSE 100 company which owns The Point, said they would work with local stakeholders to produce the Design Code and a development that would suit CMK. However in order to attract tenants to any new development they needed the confidence that outline approval would bring.

And so, by fits and starts, this major landmark in MK’s history winds its way to oblivion.

Xplain is a well established grassroots campaign, with considerable experience of development issues in Milton Keynes. Our focus is Central Milton Keynes; widely seen as the engine of regional growth. If you want to keep abreast of developments in Grid City please sign up to follow our posts.


  1. Peeka Boo

    so sad…whats the point (ha) in removing The Point, just to replace it with another thing…probably pointy to remind us all of The Point.

    1. xplain Post author

      That’s right – they’re proposal includes red neon triangles plastered over the facade! But although they got outline planning permission to demolish and build something else, we did get our ‘point’ across about the poor quality of their design, so now they have to come back and get the detailed design approval before they do anything else – including demolition.


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