Primark plans in chaos as centre:mk withdraw plans to move MK Market

Breaking news – the centre:mk has announced it will withdraw plans to move the market for the time being.

However it will go ahead with the main application to demolish Secklow Gate Bridge and build an extension for Primark over the existing Market Square. This application will be heard at MK Council’s planning committee meeting on Thursday night.

The plans have hit a wall of opposition as they would literally smash up major infrastructure and a popular, established market in order to build a relatively minor new store which could easily be built on sites just yards away.

Over 20,000 people have signed a petition started by market traders to keep the market and Secklow Gate Bridge in the heart of Milton Keynes.

However it is VITAL to keep campaigning.

Please come to the public meeting on Thurs 21st Feb at MK Council offices.

Xplain supporters are gathering from about 6.15 outside main doors.
Meeting starts at 7.00 pm.

More soon.

1 thought on “Primark plans in chaos as centre:mk withdraw plans to move MK Market

  1. HAAVA

    Dear Xplain supporters, if democracy is not fully exercised or applied tomorrow night my suggestion is that a new political group gets formed in Milton Keynes to protect our democratic right to influence local government processes AND to show the public concern that neither the Councillors or Council employees in MK realise that they are in fact working on our behalf and for us. With more than 20,000 people objecting to the current mismanagement by MK Council and non-democratic way they operate we should be able to trigger some local by-elections and maybe even a full round of local elections by lodging a united VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE. I f your local Councillors is not interested in listening to you and your concerns for this wonderful city then let’s vote them OUT!!! Let’s SOCC it to them – Save Our City Centre!!! They are killing it off and adding more shops in an overheated and tired economy for the sake of out-of-town commercial interests and shareholders is just stupid.


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