Market Traders stand up for their rights! Public deputation 9 Jan CMK

Since the Portas Review, towns across Britain have been looking again at their markets, realising that they bring vitality, character and choice to the High Street.

Yet surprisingly MK Market, a truly multi-cultural social hub, is threatened with redevelopment plans.

The powerful pension funds who own the listed shopping centre in the heart of Central Milton Keynes are determined to expand their footprint – right over Market Square – to build a new chain store for tenant Primark.

In the process, they would sweep away a vital link in the city’s famous grid road network, breathtaking architecture (pictured in our banner above) and what English Heritage recently called “the ideal site” for the market, created by the original architects of MK.

Although a new site has been found nearby, it is much smaller and full of problems. Both local traders, as well as the National Market Traders Federation, are warning that MK Market “could wither and die” if the plans go ahead.

Please come along and find out more on Weds, 9 Jan, when traders lead a public deputation to MK Council.This is the first time traders will have had their say as, surprisingly, they have not been specifically consulted on the plans.

Public gathering from 6.30 pm at MK Council Offices, Silbury Boulevard (next to Natwest Bank), CMK.

Or if arriving later, please go upstairs to the public gallery, main council chamber, for the formal Council meeting, which begins at 7.30 pm.


1 thought on “Market Traders stand up for their rights! Public deputation 9 Jan CMK

  1. Dave Walmsley

    And for those of you who were here 30 years ago we had a great indoor market too, but that was also forced out to make way for more uniform bland shops. The variety of retail outlets has slowly been diluted over the years, by the desire to maximise profits.


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