pop-up public rally 12/12/12 in CMK

we won the first Battle of Secklow Gate - let's do it again!

we won the first Battle of Secklow Gate – let’s do it again!

Please speak up for your city centre and join our peaceful Xplain rally on Weds, 12 Dec, at 10.30, outside Civic Offices in CMK (near Natwest Bank, Silbury Boulevard)

Since the date is 12.12.12, we’re delivering our 1212th objection letter to MK Council in order to save Secklow Gate, Market Square and our superb listed building from the destructive plans of the centre mk.

It’s also the day Primark open at the new shopping park at MK stadium.

Who was it said “democracy is not a spectator sport”? Please come along and join in.

The message is that MK Council must listen to the voice of reason and to the people.

We will not stand for them selling off our public highways, putting the market and transport systems at risk, just to boost the short-term profits of private retail groups.

Please let me know if you can make it, and spread the word among true friends of Milton Keynes.

2 thoughts on “pop-up public rally 12/12/12 in CMK

  1. Kelli Arnold

    Why can’t they use the old Sainsbury’s building is there not plenty of room there, rather than knocking down bridges that are needed/ wanted by the public and why are they continually building new shops when we have a lot of vacant stores/ offices/ areas in CMK.

    1. xplainmk Post author

      Yes Kelli, you’re right, there is plenty of room in the old Sainsbury’s building, and will be even more room when Waitrose move out! Despite a few vacant shops inside the shopping centre English Heritage say that the vacancy rate is much lower than the national average, and generally knock down all the centre mk’s claims that only this Primark, on this site, will rescue us from certain doom. I think the centre mk bosses are in a panic because of competition from out of town developments like MK1 at the stadium. But knocking down roads, killing off the market, and making people cross on dangerous zebra crossings is hardly the answer. Surely sorting out the gloomy Food Centre should be first priority, and reducing parking charges? Cheers, Linda


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