Xscape Gambles on Bowling Alley!

Xplain.MKLatest news – Xscape is now bidding to open the new casino in the bowling alley. Not exactly the fancy new five-star monster they’ve been trying to get through planning all this time is it? Their idea is to move the existing bowling alley upstairs in the Xscape building and refurbish the ground floor to take the casino tables, one-armed bandits and glitter-balls.

To everyone who doesn’t want a casino at Xscape this is good news. Surely, the council will be more interested in giving the casino license to the Leisure Plaza or the stadium:mk, when they are both offering to build a new ‘destination’ casino?  After all, the reason we’re getting this casino in the first place is to bring more tourists to MK, and to provide the council with a regular source of income to spend locally (like a local Heritage Lottery Fund).

But there’s always a catch.  All the money Xscape will save on putting up a new building might be offered as a one-off payment towards good causes, and mysteriously this seems to carry a lot of weight when deciding who will get the license.

Our campaign goes on….

If you didn’t see it in last week’s Citizen, here’s a link to latest article (also on pg 17, digital edition dated Oct 26th)


Lloyd’s Court – chance to comment on new development

The council planners have now rewritten the design brief for Lloyd’s Court and you’ll be pleased to see they’ve been listening. Lloyd’s Court was the first building in CMK and definitely a part of our heritage worth protecting.

The new brief makes a much stronger case for refurbishing the building rather than demolishing it and replacing with a much larger building that would eat up most of the car parks and part of North Row.  But there are still options that show new buildings popping up on the landscaped green frame that runs all round the city centre. Perhaps the Parks Trust, who own the land, are looking for more income!

What do you think about building on the green frame? We’ve seen the first of this already, below the new Sainsbury’s building, where commercial and housing units have been built practically on top of Child’s Way.

The reason we keep coming up against this kind of problem is due to the current CMK Development Framework. This is the wretched document which gave us the Hub! Fortunately, the council is reviewing the framework and ‘lessons learned’ in recent years. You may remember we sent in comments quite a while ago, urging them to remember the original urban plan that made CMK successful and unique.

Meanwhile, please take a look at the attached pdf file, Lloyd’s Court Brief, and get back to me with your thoughts.

I’m aiming to meet Nick Fenwick, head of planning, early next week to discuss.

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